Paul L. Sipe, BSCS, MBA

PO Box 478 - Amherst, VA 24521

757.581.6649 -

Technical Skills


Software Languages: PHP, C#, JavaScript, SQL, C++, perl/sed/awk, C, Unix shell, Java, Fortran

Markup Languages:  xhtml, xml, HTML, SGML


Operating Environments: Unix (Linux) MySQL Apache, MS-Windows .net SQL-Server IIS, JVM

Platforms & Frameworks: Zend, jQuery, Joomla,, Sitefinity, Wordpress


Software Techniques: OOA/OOD, UML/UDP/Use-Case-Driven Object Modeling, MVC, Extreme/Agile Programming, Yourdon Structured Analysis and Development


Technologies: RDBMS, Ajax, TCP/IP & Firewalls, Mass Storage, Imaging, Software Revision Control (svn, rcs), Defect Tracking (trac, mantis), DHTML



Professional Experience


Amherst Web Design, LLC                                                                                                           October 2009 – present

Founder, Consultant

Returned full-time to Virginia-based LLC (founded in 2003) to provide web development services on contract basis.

·         Designed and developed custom Joomla and Sitefinity plug-ins

·         Web site programming, including multi-slide-show custom control using CMS-driven data and jQuery presentation:

·         Flipbook UI using CMS-driven data and JavaScript presentation:

·         Contact Us form with client/server validation, email, flat file logging, and integration with client's existing SQL Server leads database

·         Google Maps integration:

·         Extended Joomla to include new MVC components for contacts and online appointments:


·         Installed and configured Joomla/SEF (Rackspace cloud site environment) and Telerik/Sitefinity (client-hosted on Windows/IIS)

·         Configured virtual private server (Fedora) for automated website file + DB backups, and as a monitor utilizing Nagios

·         Conducted analysis, design, and development for a Vacation Planner tool using Sitefinity, LINQ, Google Maps, and jQuery

·         Developed php/MySQL publishing system for online proceedings, including full-text Boolean search:

·         Developed Joomla-based engine, integrated with Vertical Response (SOAP), for the construction and delivery of HTML-based email newsletter.

Dominion Enterprises, Inc.                                                                                                        May 2007 – October 2009

Senior Director of Engineering

·         Director and technical leader for multi-discipline teams including 7 managers and over 50 designers and engineers engaged with ForRent, and its affiliated websites

·         Identified and recruited top technical resources to support solid IT and software development including business analysis, graphic design, web development, software engineering, technical support, systems administration, database administration, and software quality assurance

·         Lead the design and development effort for ForRent's Intuitive Search, including user-driven analysis, development, integration, and system deployment. This launch included a Lucene-based, denormalized search engine with relevance-ranked close matches. The project resulted in a 6.3% reduction in home-page abandonment and an increase of 5000 guest cards per week. The project was awarded First Place, DE Innovation Awards for 2009

·         Managed the acquisition and successful transition of production equipment and technical resources from the Bloomington, IN office to the home office for ResiteOnline products

·         Worked with the VP of Web Development to author and manage capital and operating expense budgets


Dominion Enterprises, Inc.                                                                                                          August 2006 – May 2007

Web Development Manager

·         Built and managed a team of 8 engineers to develop web-based, software-as-a-service products, including the database-driven web site engine: Resident Source These products were developed on the LAMP platform

·         Defined architecture and high-level design for Version 1.0 of the Resident Source product

·         Developed work breakdown and schedules for draft, beta, and final 1.0 releases. Managed software revision control (using svn) across three instances of the system. Managed the QA efforts of SQA Engineer and Customer Support team

·         Employed industry standards to develop job descriptions and career paths for engineering positions


Amherst Web Design, LLC                                                                                                          July 2003 – August 2006

Founder, Consultant

Launched Virginia-based LLC to provide web development services on contract basis.

·         6 month contract full-time with DataLine, on-site at TraderOnline (would become Dominion Enterprises)

·         Lead PHP developer for Spanish-language version of

·         As a Senior Developer, contributed to the successful launch of SEO job listing website: including programming and development using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Server, and Apache

·         Designed and developed PHP/MySQL-based customer account system (MyAtlasComics), also including e-commerce integration:

·         Designed and developed (PHP, MySQL) DB-driven online course offerings

·         Designed and developed large-scale PHP website in support of, and integrated with, an online trading card game: (Windows client, Linux server, originally developed by Nayantara Studios).  Included secure digital object purchase (PayPal) and trading with real-time updates to the game client.  Also, contributed original mp3 music and sound effects to the game itself.

University of Phoenix Online                                                                                                June 2002 – February 2006

Online Course Facilitator

Prepared and delivered courses for University of Phoenix's graduate and undergraduate programs

·         CIS 319 - Computers in Information Processing

·         WEB 410 - Introduction to Web Programming

·         CMGT 555 - Systems Analysis and Development


Electronic Arts                                                                                                                                    June 2000 – April 2001

Engineering Manager

·         Managed the Studios software development team - 18 software engineers

·         Worked with game producers to identify programming needs and plan technical staff

·         Managed Kesmai Studios budget; initiated studio-wide budget tracking system

·         Conducted skills inventory, managed personnel transitions between game projects

·         Contributed to design reviews (UML) and code walkthroughs (C++)

·         Conducted needs analysis and system specification for Linux and Solaris hosts


Bell + Howell                                                                                                                                         April 1996 – June 2000

Project Lead

·         Responsible for large-scale document management system that manufactured text plus graphics articles from hard copy, into an electronic document vault

·         Developed project plans, work breakdowns, and schedules for both programming/testing activities and deployment (cutover/roll-back)

·         Rebuilt C/Unix applications for common workflow, error logging, and file handling

·         Documented software design, conducted design and code reviews


Unisys                                                                                                                                                      May 1988 – April 1996

Sr. Software Engineer

·         Designed and developed digital driver's license/ID baseline software

·         Systems development (C/Unix/MS-Windows/TCP/IP)

·         Developed index storage/retrieval scheme using magnetic and removable, optical disks

·         Integrated FileTek mass storage system with existing Unisys imaging system

·         Developed transport level communications interface with processors

·         Conducted Function Point Analysis to estimate effort of a large-scale imaging application


Eastman Kodak                                                                                                                                    June 1985 – May 1988

Software Engineer

·         Developed firmware (Intel RMX) for the Kodak 6800 optical disk controller

·         Developed device driver (DEC MicroVAX/VMS) for SCSI adapter board

·         Maintained and enhanced communication software products on DEC computers

·         Developed a task scheduler for the PDP-11 computer



Master of Business Administration, 1992

Emphasis: MIS, GPA: 3.7


Bachelor of Science, 1985

Michigan State University

Major: Computer Science, Minor: EE, GPA: 3.1